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Prats like that


Oops, comment eater. Prats like that suck and need to find something better to do with their lives, best to ignore it. We know you work hard to do these scans~ If you get bugged about it again - I wouldn't blame you for locking them (it's a much safer way...sometimes) *snug* try not to worry about it.


aw..thats awful...i think there will always be jealous people anywhere...but i still hope you'll share your scans no matter what...prove them wrong....thanks a lot!


I don't like it when they put out their disconent in posts and comments. I agree that is just way too dramatic and it just makes the situation messy on all sides while drawing attention. Keep your chin up~ ^^


This kinda things always happens..but if you've never done it, ignore them. Bleh. The majority of us appreciate your scans though. =D

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