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i think that is unfair >.<
what proof do they have?

demo i hope you'd not stop scanning because of them ne :(

onegai shimasu... *hugs*


That's the whole thing. There IS no proof. Some "girls were complaining I stole her scans" and she didn't have time to "download them to check". Just from the thumbnails it's obvious I didn't 'steal' her scans. The first three pages alone are pages she didn't even bother to scan. I scan each page individually. She just scanned each spread, not even bothering to edit them to split up each image or even rotate some of the landscaped ones.

I won't stop scanning, but I might start locking the scans, which won't effect anyone on in my neighborhood anyway. *snuggles*


sou yo~

i was able to read the comments just now.

i just found it unethical to go over someone's vox and tell to her face 'hey you stole MY scans' without even checking first.

if she suspects you, then sending you a PM or something would've been better deshou? she hasn't proven anything, anyway 0_o

her first sentence seemed ok demo the last sentences actually made me laugh.

it was so out of the blue XD i think she better check her sources first before accusing ^^;



Yea, and the worst thing? She's friended on both my LJ and myspace. So it's not like I've never talked to her before. For her to accuse me like that with no basis or even bothering to substantiate any of the claims? Really pisses me off.


ouch >.<

that must hurt double @______@



Yea. It does.



i hope you got your point across though :(

for her own benefit. to not go around accusing others without proof.

or else there'd be a lot she'd be pissing off ^^;


I know from personally experience, fuck up once in fandom and they never let it go. Even if it was a mistaken translation.


ah i think you're right. kowaii >.<

then all the more she should think first before writing down anything that would piss others? -_-"


They're scans. I don't see what the big deal is. Again, JE creates big drama. It's just that I didn't enjoy the 20 e-mails saying "omg. did you see this link???".

Well, I'm not livid. Here I thought my scans were stolen. I could care less if there were or not. =_=' Drama is something that should not be created over scans and a fandom. I hope you can move on.


The big deal is there are plenty of ways to contact me regarding this without leaving a comment on the post itself. It's the fact that you circumvented all those means to make it public.

Fuck the emails. People are shit heads and jump to conclusions. Fandoms are like that. To accuse someone you know of stealing your scans? That's uncalled for, especially when there are other ways of communicating with that person.


Btw, the issue was with Rachel accusing me first. I have no idea where you come into this, as I've never even SEEN your scans, nor do I know who you are. 

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