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chou arigatou! will drool over those for some hours XD love juns annoyed look with the hairstylist ^^


Um...you might want to add watermarks to your scans. I don't want them getting confused with my my own.


Some girls have already complained saying that you've stolen my scans. I haven't bothered to download these and look that them. If they are, please take them down.


I'm sorry, but this is the dumbest request I have seen in a long time.

If she doesn't want to watermark, FINE. Andii's scanning these from a copy I SENT HER, and I know her scanner settings when I see them. Furthermore, she's scanning pages you didn't.

Here's a thought; ignore people who are stupid enough to confuse the two and complain to you about it.

I realize I'm coming off super bitchy here, but the stupid in this accusation is painful. Please think before you type.


Excuse me? No. Seriously. w.t.f. They are most definitely NOT your scans, as I have your scans and mine are scanned quite differently.

For one thing, I've scanned each page individually, which you did not. There are also differences in the quality and size of the pictures.

I will not watermark these just because a few girls are complaining. They'd complain even if I DID watermark them. I find that utterly ridiculous.


By the way, did YOU watermark YOURS? Because if you did, then there isn't a damn problem, is there? If you didn't, you're more than welcome to. Just don't think you have a right to tell someone else to watermark THEIRS.

Aaaand I'm done.


Thanks! Glad you like them. It's Jun's nature. XD


I'm sorry but I can honestly say that she did not steal your scans. Andii photoshop her scans, crop, bordered, straighten ...etc.. them to make them at their prettiest. Your scans are raw one, I know this because I download them a while back. You don't edit your


stupid vox is acting up. . . . . cont. on with my thoughts.

You don't edit your scans. Andii has taken the time to scans and edit those scans. Your scans are basically raw, whichever way you scan them is what it will look like. Hers aren't like that.

To the person that said Andii steal your scans I would like to have a word with them. Andii's scans are up on Vox, you can basically view them at their HQ, no need to download the zip/rar file. You'll get the same thing there as you get on Vox. With that you can tell the difference.


I didn't say that they were my scans...I don't have the time to check anymore. It's just irritating that I have about 20 comments from different people saying that they were resized edited and reposted, that's all. I consider 20 being more than just a few. No, I will not give out the information either I don't want to create another JE drama fest.

If they're ladygemma's scans then they're ladygemma's scans. The end. Enough said.


Wait. What? I thought it was Rachel who was having an issue with this. Who are you?

These are my scans. People are stupid. Simple as that.


I'm thinking MatsuJun lover is, in fact, Rachel. Sockpuppet/clone/what have you. Hence the 'two' with the same story. She probably logged into one and forgot which she was in.


Took, thank you!

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